Just Finished My Media and Technology Fast

I’m not sure if this will interest you media hounds out there, but I just finished a media and technology fast. One week without TV, movies, web surfing and news. It was fabulous. I’m a bit of a news junkie, so it was nice to have a little more time with my family, my many responsibilities and life. I don’t know if you’re like this, but when I have a lot going on I find myself craving a little peace and satisfaction. I find this in meditation and Qigong, with family and friends, or out in Nature; but with my free moments often ocurring at unscheduled times (at breaks in my work schedule, or in the evening) I absently mindedly turn to the internet or a favorite TV show instead of getting responsibilities done or making connections with others. The week was tough at moments, especially the last couple of days. When faced with a few minutes of free time, I had to remind myself to relax and either enjoy the free moment or get some work out of the way.

Now I feel a little calmer, better rested and more focused on life. Plus, maybe my wife and I will take in a movie this weekend!