Don’t Forget: Colds and Flus can be prevented or treated with Chinese Medicine!

Chinese Medicine excels at dealing with colds and flus. This keeps you in great health when you don’t have major complaints; when you have other medical issues, Chinese Medicine can keep that cold from staying with you for weeks or months.

The first herbal remedy for a cold is called Guizhi Tang (Cinnamon Decoction) and it helps to boost your immune system, warm you up and tonify your internal resiliency to keep that cold out. Most of us experience the beginning of a cold with fever, chills and soreness or ache of the neck, shoulders and upper back. A few of us experience colds differently, like when we’re stressed or have another disease process in the background, but for most Cinnamon Decoction is the way to go when that cold first arrives! Cinnamon Decoction contains chinese Cinnamon (different than the culinary variety), Peony, Ginger, chinese Date, and honey-fried Licorice root and has been recommended for around two thousand years. (No joke!)

If the cold doesn’t go away after a day or two you will need a different herbal formula (Acupuncture would help too) because a cold will often sink deeper, going to the lungs, the sinuses, the digestive system or elsewhere. We can customize a treatment depending on where the cold or flu goes, harmonize your body’s response and help the immune system to kick out that cold. In Chinese Medicine, that external pathogen is seen as going to the part of the body that is weakest and can reside there until the body is stronger or until treatment is undertaken to defeat that pathogen.

Now Available: Herbal tinctures that can help prevent a cold.

As soon as you feel those initial symptoms when you walk in soaked from the rain: fever and chills, achy upper back and neck, sneezing; take this Cinnamon and Peony tincture, wrap up with a warm blanket and a hot cup of ginger tea and your cold will decide not to stay. Ask me about it! This tincture is a useful thing to buy before you get a cold, then as soon as you feel symptoms it will be on hand.