Welcome to Spring and Autumn Acupuncture, the practice of Adam Burrill, L.Ac.

Adam is an expert in the realm of pain management and sports injuries. Read more about what Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can treat. I’m a huge geek about Chinese Medicine so you don’t have to be.

Contact us if you have questions. I’m here to spend the time with you when you need help with your health.

What do you need from your health care provider? Adam has perfected the art of tailoring every treatment to what you need. Many don’t know that Acupuncture varies widely from practitioner to practitioner. Whether you are an NBA professional or a retired home maker, Adam will find the approach most suited to you.

Are you skeptical about Acupuncture? So am I! That’s why I am able to deliver the most effective solutions always verifying that they make you pain-free, healthier and happier. Any good scientist is both skeptical and open-minded and that’s how I work.